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Welcome to the summary page for the Centennial Ward's 2011 Trek.

For the partiticpants, this page includes links to pictures and videos. The videos include the very well done 30 minute dvd prepared by the Historians as well as many smaller video clips. The dvd is downloadable or streamable. If you choose to stream you must be patient and give the video plenty of time (10 minutes?) to load before beginning to watch.
Trek pictures (nearly 600. takes a while to load)
30 minute Trek DVD (600meg).
30 minute Trek DVD (Smartphone size - 350meg).
All trek videos.

For anyone else, the rest of this page contains as much information as we could manage about how we planned and executed our trek. It is the trek binder, so to speak.

The trek dates were July 19 - 23, 2011. There were 68 youth that went on the trek many of whom helped in the planning. There were 22 adults that accompanied the youth at all times during the trek, including a Ma/Pa for each of the nine families, the Bishop and his wife, and the two trek trailmasters (husband/wife team). There were at least five adults that staffed the base camp at all times and managed the water, food, latrines, and miscelaneous running around. There were many other adults that helped in the planning. The rest of this page describes the planning process and results of the planning.

We used ideas from many sources, including past treks in the ward. If you want more detailed information, please click this link to
Send email to the Webmaster

Planning and Execution

Planning and executing a trek takes about half of a ward's resources. Click the link for details of our experience with planning and carrying out the trek.
Planning and Execution.


The trek location was roughly 30 miles south west of Grand View Idaho in the Owyhee Wilderness. The location is named Antelope Ridge on the maps. Click the link for maps and other details about the location and route.
Location details.


Trek is under the direction of the Bishopric. As much as possible, Everything trek related was approved by the Bishopric. Trek committee chairs and a youth committee were called to guide the overall planning of the trek. Subcommittee chairs along with youth subcommittee members were called to plan specific parts of the trek. Click the link for details and an organization chart.
Organization details.


After the trek, we got feedback from the Committee members (adults and youth), Ma/Pa's and Big Brother/Sister's. We wanted to know What went well, not so well, and what we should have done differently. Click the link for details of the
Trek Retrospective.

Pictures and Videos

The following links contain many pictures and videos from our trek. You will see many smiling faces and a lot of good working going on.
Trek pictures (nearly 600. takes a while to load)
Trek videos.

Weather Forcast for the Trek site

Click this link to see a Weather forecast of the trek location. It is still interesting, but not useful, since the trek is over.

Action Items for Parents

Parents, please take action on the following important items:


'I will be your light in the wilderness'


1 Nephi 17:13
13. And I will also be your light in the wilderness; and I will prepare the way before you, if it so be that ye shall keep my commandments; wherefore, inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall be led towards the promised land; and ye shall know that it is by me that ye are led.

Walk in the Light Award

The Walk in the Light Award is a hopefully fun and effective way to encourage the youth to prepare for trek. It is analogous to the other youth awards like YW Personal Progress or YM Duty to God. While fulfilling the requirements, the youth will memorize a scripture and two songs that they will use during trek. They will prepare mentally, spiritiually, and physically. Here is a link to a working copy of the award:
Walk in the Light Award (pdf)

Personal Equipment List

Click the link to get the current copy of the
personal equipment list.

YW Personal Progress and Trek

Click the link to get an idea of what items in YW Personal Progress can be completed by going on the trek. You may also get an Editable (docx) version YW Personal Progress

First Aid Quick Reference

The medical committee prepared a convenient, one-page quick reference guide to the more common issues that may arise while on trek. Click the link to get the current copy of the
First Aid Quick Reference Guide

Medical Forms

Here are links to printable pdf copies of the medical forms that must be filled out and turned into the trek medical subcommittee.
Medical Release Form
Medical Information Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the link for the

Emergency Plan

This was our plan in case of emergencies. We had one doctor with the trekkers at all times. We had two doctors and a nurse at the base camp, which was never more than five miles from the trekkers. We kept the youth and ourselves as safe as possible. Click the link for details of our
Emergency Plan.