Mike's Hikes

This page lists pictures and trip reports of many of the hikes I have done with family and friends since I moved back to Idaho in 2004. I do not always make a useful trip report, but if you want more info about any of the hikes, I might remember. Please send me an email.

Year Pictures Trip Report Description
2017 RuffneckLake2017 RuffneckLake2017.html Ruffneck Lake in the Frank Church Wilderness Area
2016 AlpineCreekLakes2016 AlpineCreekLakes2016.html Alpine Creek Lakes basin in the Sawthooth Wilderness Area
2016 DeckerPeak2016 DeckerPeak2016.html Decker Peak in the Sawthooth Wilderness Area
2015 CutthroatLake2015 CutthroatLake2015.html Cutthroat Lake in the Soldier Lakes area of the Frank Church Wilderness Area
2015 CramerLakes2015 Trip Report Cramer Lakes in the Sawtooth Wilderness Area
2014 ShooflyCreek2014 ShooflyCreek2014.html Shoofly Creek in the Owyhee Wilderness Area
2014 SevenDevils2014 SevenDevils2014.html Seven Devils Wilderness Area
2014 ThompsonPeak2014 ThompsonPeak2014.html Thompson Peak in the Sawtooths
2013 CrimsonLake2013 CrimsonLake2013.html Crimson Lake
2013 LongsPeak2013 blog entry Longs Peak in Colorado
2012 EnosLake2012 EnosLake2012.html Enos Lake and North Lune Peak
2012 ImogeneLakeCramerPeak2012 ImogeneLakeCramerPeak2012.html Imogene Lake and Cramer Peak in the Sawtooths
2011 BuckhornLake2011 BuckhornLake2011.html Buckhorn Lake
2011 CastlePeak2011 ChamberlainBasinCastlePeak2011.html Climbing Castle Peak in the White Clouds
2010 twentymilelakes2010 TwentyMileLakes.html Twenty Mile Lakes Basin
2010 Toxaway2010 Trip Report Toxaway Lake and Snowyside Peak in the Sawtooths
2009 SoldierLakes2009 soldierlakes.html Soldier Lakes
2009 AlpineLake2009 AlpineLake.html Alpine Lake below Sawtooth Lake in the Sawtooths
2008 ShipIslandLake2008 ShipIslandLake.html Ship Island Lake in the Big Horn Craigs
2008 BoulderChainLakesWhiteCloudsAug2008 Trip Report Boulder Chain Lakes in the White Clouds
2007 sevendevils2007 sevendevils.html Sheep Lake and He Devil in the Seven Devils Wilderness
2007 AliceLake2007 Trip Report Alice Lake in the Sawtooths
2007 leatherman2007 Trip Report Climbing Mt Leatherman
2006 rainbowlakes2006 Trip Report Second trip to Rainbow Lakes with Spencer
2005 rainbowlakes2005 rainbowlakes.html First trip to Rainbow Lakes Basin near Big Trinity Lake
2005 galena2005 galena-info.html Climbing Galena Peak
2004 Pictures bigboulderlakes.html Island Lake and the Big Boulder Lakes in the White Clouds

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