Climbing Longs Peak August 14 - 16, 2013 
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We lived in Loveland, Colorado almost 20 years and with the exception of the first few years, I climbed Longs Peak every year.

It has been nine years since we moved to Boise, Idaho and I have missed climbing that mountain. Longs Peak is 14255 feet in elevation and is the tallest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) and in northern Colorado. I have climbed 10 other Colorado 14'ers, but Longs Peak is my favorite. My son-in-law Gavin called me up earlier in the year and said his family is having a family reunion in Grandby, which is on the west side of RMNP, very near Longs Peak. He said "Let's climb"! and I said "I'm there!". Matthew has climbed Longs a long time ago and loves to climb, so he came, too.
We left after work on Tuesday and drove all night. We got to Loveland before 7am and visited our old neighborhood.

After seeing all we wanted to see we got some breakfast and thought about visiting one of our favorite parks and eat and take a nap. We drove to Viestenz-Smith Park.

It brought back good memories of the many family picnics we had there. We ate, but could not take a nap, because they were mowing the grass. We drove on to Estes Park. We walked around, saw the old shops and got a picture of the Stanley Hotel.

Then we drove to the Longs Peak campground and setup camp for the night. We took naps and waited for Gavin and Kellen to join us. We packed our gear for an early departure the next day and went to bed. We got up at 2:30am the next day, broke camp, packed the car and drove 100 yards to the trailhead parking area. We met Caleb, an old family friend, and started walking at 3:30am. Matthew did a great job documenting with pictures and video our entire hike. Here is link to the pictures and video. They are in order of how we climbed the mountain.

This map shows our route.

We ascended using the Loft route roughly 4500 feet of elevation in 6 miles and it took about 7 hours. Longer than usual because of the snow and my deliberate slow pace. I had climbed Mt Borah just a few days earlier and was worried about my legs giving out. They did not! We decended using the Keyhole route which is roughly 7 miles in 5 hours. A few days earlier, it had snowed on Longs Peak and by the time we climbed there were still many pockets of snow on the back side. Some pockets of snow were on the more dangerous sections of the climb and we had to be extra cautious. The snow made it dangerous enough that a climber coming up the route early in the morning (that we came down around noon) slipped on the hard snow and fell to his death. When we came to that point, the snow had softened and was safely crossable, but looking at the covered up dead body a hundred feet below us, made us all realize that climbing is dangerous and one must always be alert and cautious. We all made it safely to the bottom.

Matthew and I drove back to Loveland and stayed with our old friends Suzy and Quentin (Caleb's parents). We reminisced and caught up with each others' family and talked about old friends. The next day, Matthew and I drove to Fort Collins to meet some other old friends for lunch. Mark introduced me to hiking in Colorado and Mark, Justin and I worked together at HP in Loveland many years ago.

After lunch, Matthew and I got in the car and drove 12 straight hours back to Boise. What a trip! ... /index.php

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family christmas letter 2012 
(posted by Mike)
Here is a link to an electronic pdf version of our family christmas letter for 2012. Another year in the history books and glad that we made some good memories. ... er2012.pdf

For me the usual outdoor adventures were exciting, but the highlight of the year had to be the road trip Cindy and I took in September. We drove through Lake Tahoe and on to San Francisco. We played tourist in San Francisco for 2 days, then started driving north up the coast of California and into Oregon. We saw beaches, sand dunes, Crater Lake, tall redwood trees, and lots of beautiful scenery.

For me the most fun thing was the Dune buggy driving. For Cindy, I might guess the most fun thing was finding and collecting giant pine cones near Lake Tahoe and again near Crater Lake.

Here is a link to all the pictures. ... dTrip2012/

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Pictures and Video from David Mumford's funeral service 

(posted by Mike)
I have had these pictures and video in my phone since David Mumford's funeral and just now getting around to sharing them at the beginning of the new year. They are mostly pictures of the viewing in the relief society room, but I did get a video of most of the musical number done by David's children.
Parting is sad, but the stories of David's life and influence touched me and made me want to be a better person. I was uplifted by the event.

Here is the link: ... neral2012/

Note: the video is 200 meg and is probably better to download to your own pc for viewing.

Michael Hudson

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what I did this spring 

(posted by Mike)

A while ago I saw Nancy post something on facebook asking about what people had done during the spring time. Well this is my answer - I put in a patio on the side of my house. I started it about a month ago. I took out the grass, bushes, uneeded sprinkler lines and excavated about 6 inches of dirt. I hauled 420 (15 pounds each) concrete paving stones into the backyard. This past Thursday, I had 4 cubic yards of road bed (sand and gravel) and 1 cubic yard of sand dumped in the driveway. With some great help from a couple of my friends we laid down three layers of road bed, leveling and compacting each layer, one layer of sand, and then the paving stones. After doing lots of cutting and finishing the boarding the bulk of the patio is finished. I've had a lot of fun doing this hard work and now I've created a great space to store the trailer and do other projects. Here is an 'after' picture:

Here are some before and after pictures:


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volunteer of the year 

(posted by Mike)

Last year when the Boise temple closed for remodeling, I was wondering what to do with my time. At a benefits fair at work some representatives from the Boise Boys and Girls club came to talk about what they do. I decided to get involved. After passing their background check I began helping with a reading club twice a week. I really enjoyed helping the kids (1 - 6 graders) with their reading and other homework. I got to know many kids by name and they knew me. I was specially invited to their end of school year party and given an award - Volunteer of the Year! It was an honor. The real reward was the feeling I got when I saw the kids get excited about accomplishing something worthwhile.

Like all good turns done, I got more than I gave.


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Kim and Matthew are married. 

(posted by Mike)

Kim and Matthew were married today, Feb 2, 2012. There were lots of family and friends. Twin Falls was cold and breezy, but the sun managed to shine a bit while we were outside taking pictures.

Later on we had a nice dinner in the Historic Downtown Twin Falls Ballroom. We ate, visited and watched the kids run around. It was a lovely day.
More picture are here - ... dding2012/

May heaven bless this new family.
(posted by Mike)

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Emery's blessing day 
(posted by Mike)
Today was blessing day for Emery Alice Giraud. We enjoyed having both set's of Tiffany's grandparents there for the event. We took some four-generation pictures. Gavin's Mom, Dad, brother Tobin and his wife Whitney (who is also Tiffany's cousin (another story)) were also there. It was a great family day.

(this is my favorite picture)

The rest of the pictures are here:

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Happy Mother's Day! 
(post by Mike)

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms. Cindy got at least two big Mother's Day gifts this year - Natalie and Olivia came for a visit and we all helped install wood floors in part of the main floor.

Here is a link to a few pictures in the gallery: ... amily/misc


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